we are
Fragrance Lounge

One of the leading authentic boutique perfumes in East Africa founded in 2007 based on fulfilling international standards of providing authentic and original perfumes from all direct sources including France, Italy, USA and UK. We endeavor to provide a wide range of Male, Female and Kids fragrances to our customers. It is our conviction that no matter the trends and times, fragrances must still be refined, plush and elegant. We have raised the bar in the perfume industry with professionalism and skill sets that are unique as we are. Our combination of visual modality, innovation and customer veracity makes us the all-inclusive package. Finally, who we are as enthusiasts will attract you then again who we are as people will keep you coming back for more!

Our Mission

is to take up perfumeries to key locations in the high end mall spaces to be available to customers at all convenient areas. We also want to build shops to international standards and bring all big fashion houses to Kenya. You are invited to visit us at any of our stores to get a full introduction into the perfume scents as a guide to wonderful world of scents and perfumes.

Our Vision

is to change the retail shopping style in Kenya to give perfume shopping a different feel whereby our clients buy the fragrances from original sources within the city. This helps them avoid the long wait of shopping during travel by bringing the full shopping experience from abroad within Kenya. We envision the provision of the best product range in the perfumery market in Kenya with an aim of becoming the leading chain stores in Kenya to lay an impact globally.

Our Stores

Are strategically located in major malls around Nairobi, Kenya and are open Monday to Sunday. They are essentially merchandised to international touchstones and characterized with plush interior designs. Our key factor is personalization. Whereby each client is given personalized attention by our highly trained staff. This ensures efficiency and customer satisfaction towards fulfilling their needs.

Our team

SUSAN JANE Sales Representative
MARGARET ABBASI Sales Representative
JULIET ICHARIA Sales Representative
LILIAN NDERI Sales Representative
JUDITH APIYO Sales Representative
NISHMA GOHIL Sales Representative
FLORENCE ALUSO Sales Representative
SHARON MULWA Digital Marketing Manager
RUTH M. MURAYA Customer Relations Manager
MUBEEN LOUW General Administrative Manager
PRISCILLA N. KANUNA Accounts Assistant
CINDY LOICE ALANGO Sales Representative
CAROLINE ABIERO OLUM Sales Representative
SARAH MUKIRI MIRITI Sales Representative
AZIZA AMIRU WAMBUA Sales Representative

Why Choose Us?

The Quality of Our Support Is Unmatched

We take support one step further by tailoring our responses to suit your knowledge, expectations and personality.

Multiple Products & Services Under One Roof

We provide a mix of brands, products & services suited to our clientele.

We're Passionate About What We Do

What sets us apart from the competition is that we’re passionate about the products and service we provide and quality of support.

We Welcome And Act On Your Feedback

We’re always looking to improve every aspect of our business. From more features all the way to more frequent tips and suggestions.

Proven Track Record

Although Fragrance Lounge is a small entity we’ve been providing perfumes and services successfully on from various locations around the country.