Happy March(finally)!  Wow, January and February (figuratively speaking) felt like the ‘loooongest month’!  Just reminiscing what we rounded up for our families this month. Many of us didn’t know what to go for; a more oriental or woody, scent for the “hims” and big white floras’ for the “hers”. Conclusion – we tried them all and we would be happy with any of these lovely gifts if we were gifted for any time of the year (hint hint). 
We had our best pick for ending this February was the CK Obsessed Intense. 
Gentlemen, this scent The dark dry down dominated by vanilla, amber and brazillian guayac is fantastic. The rhubarb  opening is very nice as well.
Ladies, the opening is great, citrus and soft oriental. It later settles to a more musk, powdery feel on the skin. Great for the warm weather!     
Let us know what your preference was for February. Best yet let us know why it suits you.  
Enjoy your day!


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There are various occasions throughout the year where gifts are a way of showing affection and care, but with numerous options of gift items, why buy someone a perfume as a gift!?
Smell, the strongest sense that we have. So powerful that it can transport you back to places that you have been or tap into most significant memories. What else would be the best gift than one that would create everlasting memories.
Some great fragrances you can consider gifting on the next special occasion;
  • For Her: Burberry’s My Burberry Blush; a floral fruity fragrance with a sparkling twist and D&G Dolce; A floral boquet
  • For Him: Carolina Herrera’s CH Prive: Essence of a seducer and Paco Rabanne’s Invictus; the scent of victory.
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There is something about the new year every time it comes around. We set goals and resolutions.
This time around we decided it’s time to get ‘the sexy back’. We signed up for gym and one of us, the
fit petite one, decided to do pole dancing. We are really excited about how all this is going to turn out and
we’ll keep you posted.
Fun tips: From our experience when it comes to what perfume to wear during your workouts, we have
compiled a list of some of the best fragrances that you can try out;

What is your go to Gym Fragrance?

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