Azzaro Chrome Pure For Him EDT – 100 ml


The Chrome legend lives on. A new heir to the fragrance dynasty. A novel reformulation with even stronger spirit. A fragrance that promises the purest of emotions, like the unforgettable feeling of a father bonding with his son.

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For Him

Eau De Toilette




Citrus Aromatic


  • Chrome Pure bursts forth with tingling freshness. A fragrance with new spicy and woody ingredients for a more textured, more enveloping scent
    that comes in three sun tides and a trio of luminous pairings.
  • Mandarin: Blended with bergamot, this citrus fruit imparts bracing, bright, light-filled notes. A striking freshness at dawn that is sharp, lively, and beaming
  • Akigalawood: This next generation product is responsible for the fragrance’s intensity, with aspects of spice from pepper and woody notes from patchouli and agarwood.
  • Tonka Bean: This mellow and inviting spice gives the fragrance depth. At twilight, its enticing Eastern texture is conveyed through aspects of coumarin and caramel.


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